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Who We Are

Community Service, Leadership, Networking, and Professional Development

Collegiate 4-H: Prepare for Life!

Collegiate 4-H is located in colleges and universities around Georgia and the
United States. 4-H experiences should be geared towards continuing to promote Collegiate 4-Hers to make a difference in their community through service, allow them more opportunities for volunteerism, resume building, serve in leadership roles, meet other collegiate 4-Hers from across the state and nation, and essentially Prepare for Life!
As a collegiate 4-H member there are many more opportunities in store for you!

Get ready for chances to run for state, regional, and national office, Washington D.C. Internships, opportunities for scholarship awards, campus involvement, state/national conferences and service projects, leadership training, service activities and a connection to national 4-H initiatives.

4-H is about using our Head, Heart, Hands, and Health "To
Make the Best Better" everyday.


Collegiate 4-H Motto: 

Continuing to Share. Sharing to Continue

The University of Georgia and Ft. Valley State University, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and counties of the state cooperating. The Cooperative Extension Service offers educational programs, assistance and materials to all people without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex or disability. An equal opportunity/affirmative action organization committed to a diverse work force.