Georgia 4-H Camp Counselor Alumni

"Love the Little People”….bring back memories?  Whether it was one summer or five, whether 1 year ago or 40 years ago, we are all part of an elite group of Georgia 4-H’ers, Camp Counselors.  College kids who jumped for joy at the site of yellow school buses, played countless games of softball and kickball and sang the Noble Duke of York until we were hoarse…all while making enough money to barely pay for end of the summer gifts and an occasional weekend trip.  And….we would do it all again because….we loved the little people and we loved each other.  We made friends for life.

Our camping program is still going strong, as is our Alumni Association.  Through our Georgia Counselor Alumni Association (GCAA) our purpose is to provide support for the camping program and provide at least one opportunity for everyone to gather each year and recall the fun times during our summers as a camp counselor.

We hope that you are already a member of the GCAA.  If not, please click on the link below to pay your dues.  It is through your dues and donations that we are able to provide the current support to the Camping Program.  Please browse the site to get current on your Counselor Alumni Association and email the GCAA at G4HCAA@gmail.com if you have questions or concerns.

Please make sure your information is current.  Visit the Georgia 4-H Foundation Site at www.georgia4hfoundation.org and click on “Update my Information”.  This will insure you receive the latest updates and information from 4-H and the GCAA.

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