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2017 State Livestock Judging Contest Results
Submitted by: Michael Rabalais

The 2017 Georgia 4-H State Livestock Judging Contest was held at the UGA Instructional Arena on Saturday, March 18th.  49 Juniors (9 Teams) and 37 Seniors (8 Teams) participated in the contest. 


Results from the Junior Livestock Judging Contest:

  1.  Gabrielle, Ralston, Gordon Co., 393
  2. Ben Williams, Gordon Co., 392
  3. Jazmine Ralston, Gordon Co., 373
  4. Jordan Pritchett, Banks Co., 369
  5. Breana Manning, Gordon Co., 366


Top five Junior team results:

  1. Gordon Co., Team A, 1122
  2. Gordon Co., Team B, 1114
  3. Banks Co., 1061
  4. Carroll Co., 1059
  5. Franklin Co., 1040


The first place Junior Team, from Gordon Co., Team A- team members are:  Gabrielle Ralston, Jazmine Ralston, Raleigh Hooper and Hannah McElrath.  Gordon Co. Junior Team B, who placed second are:  Ben Williams, Breana Manning, Zane Stewart and Roberto Romero.  Banks Co. Team B placed third and their members are:  Jordan Pritchett, Chloe Boling, Eric Ashworth and Raegen Gilbert.


Results from the Senior State Livestock Judging Contest:


Top five Senior individuals:

1.                 Conner Cleveland, Franklin Co., 599

2.                 Logan Waldrop, Franklin Co., 579

3.                 Daniel Dobbs, Franklin Co., 576

4.                 Caleb Carr, Gordon Co., 571

5.                 Thomas Martin, Murray Co., 564


Top five Senior team results:

1.                   Franklin Co., 1754

2.                   Gordon Co., 1668

3.                   Murray Co., 1650

4.                   Mitchell Co., 1628

5.                   Grady Co., 1568


The first place Senior Team from Franklin County has the opportunity to represent Georgia at the National 4-H Livestock Judging Contest held in Louisville, KY this fall.  Franklin County Team members are:  Conner Cleveland, Logan Waldrop, Daniel Dobbs and Victoria Wright.  Gordon Co. placed second and their team members are:  Caleb Carr, Gracy Sexton, Annelies Carr and Brooklyn Carr.  Murray Co. placed third and their team members are:  Thomas Martin, Adella Lonas, Megan Cherry and Lana Ridley. 


We are also compiling addresses to those individuals/farms that provided the quality livestock that we had to evaluate.  We will provide that information to those counties that participated soon.


Thank you to Ms. Sarah Loughridge-UGA ADS Youth Livestock Specialist, Dr. Ronnie Silcox-UGA Associate Professor, Mr. Kent Benson-Georgia FFA North Region Livestock Teacher, staff, faculty, students and volunteers from the UGA Animal and Dairy Science Department for all of their coordination with the State contest.  Much appreciation to Tim Collings and Michael Rabalais- 4-H Program Specialists, Claire Woodard and Caroline Hinton-UGA Student and Steve Walker-Georgia 4-H IT Coordinator for their dedication to the program. 


Complete results are posted on event registration.


The University of Georgia and Ft. Valley State University, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and counties of the state cooperating. The Cooperative Extension Service offers educational programs, assistance and materials to all people without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex or disability. An equal opportunity/affirmative action organization committed to a diverse work force.