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    Georgia 4-H Activities & Awards Guidebook

    Georgia 4-H Project Achievement
    4-H Project Achievement is a cornerstone in the Georgia 4-H program. From the first Boys Corn Club sharing their crop to today's presentation and portfolios on hundreds of projects, Project Achievement serves to showcase 4-H'ers work and success.

    This page is designed for 4-H'ers, Parents, Adults, and Leaders to assist with the many phases of 4-H Project Achievement.  Please check back often as we are building our resource and developing additional tools for 4-H Project Achievement.

    Resources for 4-H Project Achievement
    The resource links below will send you to an additional page with information geared specifically for youth, parents, volunteers, agents, and/or judges.  All resources are accessible to the public. The designations are used to clarify the intended audience.  Many of the links appear on multiple pages.

  • Resources for Youth preparing for 4-H Project Achievement

  • Resources for Parents with Kids preparing for 4-H Project Achievement

  • Resources for Leaders working with Youth preparing for 4-H Project Achievement
  • Resources for Agents working with Youth, Leaders and Parents for Project Achievement

  • Resources for Judges for 4-H Project Achievement
  • Specific Event Information
    High School 4-H'ers advance beyond district competition.  District 4-H Project Achievement winners are eligible for competition and State 4-H Congress and State 4-H Congress winners are eligible to attend National 4-H Congress. Unlike the previous events, National 4-H Congress is not a competitive event but rather a national leadership convention for 4-H members.  Links below are designed specifically for youth participating in these opportunities.  

    Rules & Regulations for District Project Achievement
    The Georgia 4-H Activity & Awards Guidebook includes all Georgia 4-H Policy and Procedures.  4-H'ers and Adults are encouraged to always review the Guidebook prior to an event. Changes are dates and highlighted in green.

    The links below take you directly to the Guidebook information for that age group.

     updated 8/19/2013

    The University of Georgia and Ft. Valley State University, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and counties of the state cooperating.
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