Georgia 4-H Food Showcase


The Georgia 4-H Food Showcase is composed of 4 different contests. 4-H'ers may compete in 1 of the 3 morning contests consisting of Egg Preparation Demonstration
( Junior and Senior 4-H'ers), Chicken Barbecue Contest ( Senior 4-H'ers) or Turkey Barbecue Contest (Senior 4-H'ers).

4-H'ers may also particapate as county Junior and Senior teams in the Georgia 4-H Food Challenge competition.

See the individual contest rules and resources below.


Sponsors include:

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Graham

Ms. Rhea Bentley

UGA Extension Poultry Science



egg Egg Preparation Demonstration


chickenChicken Barbecue Contest

chickenAdditional Resources for Chicken Barbecue


turkeyTurkey Barbecue Contest

saladGeorgia 4-H Food Challenge Guidelines and Rules 2017

Additional Training Resources for Food Challenge:

Altering Recipes for Good Health pdf
FightBac – Fight Foodborne Bacteria Brochure pdf

MyPlate – 10 Tips to a Great Plate pdf

Nutrient Needs at a Glance pdf

Sample Food Challenge Practice Schedule pdf

Food Challenge Coaching Tips pdf

MyPlate Lesson Plan pdf

Measuring Dry Ingredients Lesson Plan pdf

Measuring Liquid Ingredients Lesson Plan pdf

Knives & Chopping Lesson Plan pdf

Food Preparation Lesson Plan pdf

Food Substitutions Lesson Plan pdf

Garnishing Lesson Plan pdf

Cost Analysis Lesson Plan pdf

Naming the Utensils Lesson Plan pdf

Germs Lesson Plan pdf

Texas 4-H Food Challenge Website

National Food Challenge

National Food Challenge Website


Food Challenge introduction

Food product bag

Pantry visit

Organizing your team

Preparing your dish

Example presentation #1

Example presentation #2

Example presentation #3

4-H Food Challenge Part 1

4-H Food Challenge Part 2

Texas Food Challenge Presentation

4-H Food Challenge - The Supply Box

4-H Food Challenge Example Clues from Texas:

National 4-H Food Challenge Clue Example 1 - Preliminary Round

National 4-H Food Challenge Example 2 - Final Round

Please contact the Food Showcase Committee with any questions!


Cheryl Varnadoe
Extension 4-H Specialist