BB Gun Competition
(5 Meter Air Rifle)
updated 10/11
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  • Enhance youth development of self-concept, character and personal growth through safe, educational and socially acceptable involvement in shooting activities.
  • To involve youth in a life skills program that teaches safe and responsible use of shooting sports equipment including sound decision-making, self-discipline and concentration.
  • To promote the highest standards of safety, sportsmanship and ethical behavior.
  • To expose participants to the broad array of vocational and life-long avocation activities related to shooting sports.
  • To strengthen families through participation in life-long recreational activities.
  • To complement and enhance the impact of existing safety, shooting and hunter education programs using experiential (hands on) educational methods and progressive development of skills and abilities.
    State Event Guidelines
  • The team may consist of 5 -7 cloverleaf and/or junior 4-H members. The top five scores will constitute the team scores. Counties with less than five participants will compete as individuals.A county may enter more than one team (Senior 4-H'ers are ineligible for BB Competition)  Teams must qualify at an area/district match and once a 5-7 member BB team qualifies, those team members may not be rearranged into other county teams for the state match. Team members that are changed for registration at the state match are subject to disqualification. (See Section on Qualification Guidelines)
  • All 4-H’ers, coaches and safety officers are required to wear eye protection on the firing line.
  • Closed toe shoes that are secured to the feet by use of a heel strap or formed heel must be worn at all times while on the range. Flip flops and sandals are not allowed. Shoes must be worn at the firing line.
  • The order of fire will be 10 shots prone, 10 shots standing, 10 shots sitting and 10 shots kneeling. Each person will have 10 minutes to fire 10 shots per position. Each person may have unlimited sighting shots during each 10 minute time limit.
  • Targets but not ammunition will be provided at district and state competition. Targets will be NRA-AR4/10; 10 bullseye targets fired at 5 meters. Fire once at each record bullseye.
  • At the state match, a safety exam will be taken by each 4-H’er for an additional 100 points. Exam questions will come from the 4-H BB Safety Guide and Bonus Questions will be taken from the NRA 5-meter BB Rule Book, Sections 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 and 18. The total possible points for the state match is 500. The exam score makes up the fifth position and is include in tabulating total score for overall high individual and team scores.
  • Slings should be used in all positions with the exception of standing. No telescopic sights may be used. Only iron sights are allowed.
  • Gun  modifications are limited to rear sights and altering length of factory installed stocks. No internal modifications may be made except weights may be added. Total weight limit may not exceed six pounds without the sling. Refer to NRA 5 meter Rule Book, section 3, for specific guidelines on Internal and External Modifications.The Chief Range Officer has the authority to inspect any equipment in question and to disqualify a participant if their equipment is outside of the stated guidelines.
  • There will be no firing off range at any time for safety reasons.
  • A jury (established by the event coordinator) has the discretion to allow a shooter to fire out of turn if the request is made by the coach to the Range Master prior to the start of the match.  The Range Master has the discretion to allow a 4-H’er to complete a position during the separate relay if the range master determines that a gun malfunction, at no fault of the 4-H’er or coach, prevents a 4-H’er from completing fire in a position.
  • Due to pending weather conditions, the match schedule may be altered for the safety of the participants. All 4-H matches will be shot as 4 position match. In advent of adverse weather conditions, as many positions as possible will be completed. If a match is shortened due to weather, awards will be given for the positions completed. Team awards will be given based on the positions completed. Overall awards will be given when two or more positions are completed.
  • Range Safety:
  • o All team members and spectators must remain behind the team line except for those 4-H’ers and coaches whose relays are designated to be at the ready line or firing line.
    o Overhead cover at the ready line cannot exceed more that the 5 ft width allowance for the firing lane. Each firing lane/point is limited to a maximum of three people at the ready line (4-H’er coach and one other adult).
    o Areas marked for range access, drives and lanes, must remain open at all times for event staff and emergency access.
  • Any rules not covered, refer to NRA 5-meter Rule Book and the Georgia 4-H 5 Meter BB Safety Guide. 4-H rules take precedence over other rules. A copy of the NRA 5-Meter Rule Book (CC16410) may be download in PDF format or purchased from the NRA Website at   A copy of the 4-H BB Safety Guide may be obtained from your county Extension office or downloaded at
  • Safety & Rule Violations: The Chief Range Officer or Match Director has the authority to impose a penalty on a coach or participant that is in violation of the state rules.  A warning may be given, deduction of points from the score may be accessed or an individual may be disqualified or meoved from the match. (NRA rules 9.24-30)

    Qualification (Area/District Match) Guidelines:
  • Each district will hold a minimum of one area/district BB match. Any team or individual that post a qualification score may attend the state match at Target Challenge Weekend.
  • District Matches must be conducted under the same guidelines as the state event including range set up (as facilities allow), match procedures and scoring procedures. Counties they do not comply with state guidelines may not be permitted to host area/district events in future years.
  • A safety exam consisting of 25 questions will be given at the Area/District.  However, qualification scores do not include test scores, the total possible points for the district match is 400. Once a 5-7 member BB team qualifies, those team members may not be rearranged into other county teams for the state match.
  • A five to seven member team must post 1550 or better to qualify. The high five 4-H’ers on a team constitutes the team score. 4-H’ers may qualify individually at the area/district match with a score of 310 or better. 4-H’ers will have one opportunity to qualify per year.
  • If adverse weather conditions prevent the completion of an area/district match, scores will be prorated for the number of positions completed in order to qualify for the state event
  • If a team member is unable to fire at the District match attended by their team, they may still be included as part as that team provided they are: (1) designated as team member on the official match record for that event noting that they did not fire (DNF) and (2) they attend another qualification match and post a completed match score.
  • Teams or counties are allowed to participate in multiple qualifying matches for practice as a non-qualifying event. Counties/teams must designate at registration (in writing) that they are a non-qualifying team / practice only. Participation as a non-qualifying team is subject to available space and participants may or may not be eligible for awards at the discretion of the event host.  Eligibility for awards must be communicated in the official match announcement prior to the event.
    Certified Coaches / Adults
  • Counties should have a minimum of one 4-H certified coach in the rifle discipline per 5-7 member team present at all county, district and state activities.
  • A 4-H certified coach in rifle discipline must be present for a county practice or event to be recognized as a Georgia 4-H SAFE program.
  • Additional adequate adult supervision should be present to serve as safety officers and help facilitate all aspects of Project SAFE events and activities. Adults should be Certified Overnight Chaperone Trained or Screened Volunteers depending upon responsibilities and roles assigned.
  • Each county must provide one volunteer per 5-7 member team, not the coach, to assist in the running of Shooting Sports Weekend.
  •   Awards & Recognition  
  • Awards are as outlined by the Project SAFE Development Committee.
  • The team with the highest overall score will be recognized as the state winner. In addition, individuals obtaining the highest score overall and in the positions fired will be recognized.
  • Cloverleaf and Junior 4-H members are not eligible for Master 4-H status or to participate in the recognition of Special Event Winners at State 4-H Congress.
  • The State winning team and high scoring individuals are permitted to compete in future years as either individuals or as team members.
  • The top three teams at the 4-H state match may be eligible to participate in the Daisy/US Jaycees International B.B. Gun Championship Match (IBBGCM).




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