Food Product Development Contest
updated 2/15


  • To develop and demonstrate leadership and communication skills.
  • To develop team working skills while integrating individual contributions.
  • To encourage innovative and creative thinking skills through the development of new food products and marketing strategies.
  • To develop an understanding and appreciation for the many aspects of the food industry.
  • To acquire knowledge of quality standards, preparation and storage functional properties, feasibility of product, and marketing strategies.
  •    Competition Guidelines:
    a. An original idea for a food product including a product name and description of product and how the product is original. Packaging can address both the product description as well as the safety/shelf-life.
    b. Product recipe formulation: list of ingredients- in order they are used in the instructions; measurements given in common fractions; no abbreviations; no brand names.
    c. A developed marketing strategy including marketing plan and research conducted, marketing slogans, advertising and promotional aids, and other ideas; there are no constraints
    d. A target market for the product being as specific as possible including age, race, gender and other demographic information including possible constraints (i.e. children ages 2-6, children 5-12,  Asian-American adults ages 25-40, Black males 13-21, females, athletes, etc).
    e. Package design for the product which is both functional and eye-catching. This can include sketches, photos or pictures. Functionality should include prolonging shelf-life, protection from physical damage, etc.
    f. Storage Plan, Display Plan and Shelf Life including: How to store the product, properly display the product, How the package will ensure/prolong shelf-life, protect from physical damage, etc. (Such as “the plastic wrap will prevent dirt and dust from getting in the product” or “the colored carton will eliminate light from oxidizing milk therefore giving it a long shelf life.”); What tests or regulations will help ensure consumer safety (routine testing for pathogenic bacteria , safe handling labels on the package, processing controls, etc.). * This will be influenced by the processing methods used during product preparation (cooking, freezing, canning, refrigeration, special packaging, etc.).
    g. Safety concerns and controls including What procedures taken during production of food product to ensure safety. An example would be thoroughly cooking meat before adding to a heat and eat soup.

    *Packaging can be addressed by both the Product Description as well as the Safety/Shelf-life section.
    State Competition
    Written Proposal: 90 points (this is the proposal submitted earlier)

    Proposal Rubric

    Oral Presentation: 110 Points

    Presentation Scorecard

     Awards & Recognition
    Preliminary Recognition
        Each county submitting an entry will receive judging event pins and award cards for team members
        From product proposal entries five teams will be selected to compete at the state level

    State Recognition

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