Junior 4-H
Portfolio Guidelines

Preparation of this portfolio is the responsibility of the 4-H'er and not the Extension Office.

The portfolio is a presentation of a 4-H'ers work over the last twelve months. The year begins with January 1 and ends December 31. 4-H'ers may include information from previous years in the background information portion of the portfolio ONLY.

The Portfolio may be handwritten or typed. It should contain  two pages of 4-H accomplishments, and one page of supporting material. This certification cover complete with proper signatures must be stapled to the front of the portfolio. All pages of the portfolio should contain information on one side only of 8 ½ x 11 inch paper. The back side of all pages must be blank.

The  two accomplishment pages should maintain a minimum of one-half inch margins on all four sides. Paper should be white with black ink or type. No art work pictures, or clip art are allowed on these pages. Computer generated bullets may be used to highlight information.

Supporting material may be any color with any clipart or additional decorations. Pages should layflat without shingling. Layering of supporting material is allowed and material may go to the edges of the paper (no margin is required)

4-H'ers Background         5%
May include any information about the 4-H'er including the 4-H'ers family, activities, and reasons for joining 4-H or selecting this project

Main Project Work        25%
Includes activities in the project area that portfolio is submitted.  These activities may include articles made or prepared, animals cared for, size and scope of project.  Also, included are learning experiences in the project area including workshops, tours, interviews, books and pamphlets read, etc.  Honors and awards in the main project may also be included.

Main Project Sharing and Helping Experiences   20%
Includes activities where the 4-H'er shared the information learned in their project area or helped someone else in that area.  Sharing activities include demonstrations, exhibits, talks, and news articles written.  Helping activities include such activities as leading a project club, teaching a class, assisting another 4-H'er in the project, or working on a community service project.

Other Leadership and Teen Leadership Activities   15%
These are activities not related to the main project in which the 4-H'er had a leadership role.  Activities may include holding office, serving on committees, serving as a teen leader for an activity or assisting a fellow 4-H'er.

Other Community Service and Citizenship Activities 15%
Again, these activities are not related to the main project.  Community service and citizenship activities should include activities where a 4-H'er as an individual or part of a group provides a service or completes a project for the betterment of the community.  Examples include work with the elderly, disabled, or youth at risk, beautification projects, or other service activities.

Other 4-H Activities        10%
These activities are those not listed elsewhere in the portfolio but are 4-H related.  Participation in county, district, region or state 4-H events, 4-H judging teams not related to the main project and 4-H awards and recognition may be included.

Other Activities and Information       5%
4-H'ers may include information about school, community or church activities or any other activities that have not been listed elsewhere.

Supporting Material         5%
Supporting material includes pictures, news articles, letters and others pieces of information that support what has been reported in the portfolio.  Items may overlap but must lay flat on the page.

    Each section of the Junior Portfolio scorecard is rated on a scale of 1 to 10.  The rating guide for this point assessment is:

1     to 2 points        Needs Improvement
3     to 5 points        Average
6     to 8 points        Good
8.25 to 10 points      Excellent

Using the point values given and the above percentages the final score will be determined. The portfolio score will be 40% of the 4-H'ers final score. At district competition, judges will evaluate the information written in the portfolio only.

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updated 11/03