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Saxby Chambliss
Mary Cresswell
Harold Darden
Tommy Irvin
Martha Jones
Rhonwyn Lowry
Otis O'neal
Dr. Tommy Rodgers
Bill Sutton
Herman Talmadge
Tommy Walton

The National 4-H Hall of Fame was initiated to recognize those men and women who have made a significant impact on 4-H at the local, state or national level. Every state and Washington, D.C. had at least one nominee inducted, as well as from National 4-H Council, USDA and the National Association of Extension 4-H. The Centennial Class of 2002 included 13 4-H pioneers, 29 State Extension Directors, State Program Leaders or State Staff, six major donors, nine county 4-H agents, ten of the founders of NAE4-HA, 11 long-term volunteers - many with 50 or more years of service, three members of Congress or the U.S. Senate, six National Program Leaders, a songwriter, an astronaut and several very successful businesspeople. Since then 10 to 12 individuals are added annually as members of the National 4-H Hall of Fame. The inductees represent hundreds of thousands of dedicated volunteers and county, state and national professional staff who have helped millions of young people learn valuable life skills through 4-H.

The Hall of Fame is a Centennial project of NAE4-HA's Public Relations and Information Committee. The National 4-H Hall of Fame exists exclusively in cyberspace at www.nae4ha.org/hof / . Anyone with a computer and access to the Internet can visit the 4-H Hall of Fame and learn about the over 100 VIP's who helped create, expand, promote and
support the nation's largest youth development program. Each inductee has their own web page featuring a photograph, a brief biography and a quote. Many of these dedicated people died years ago, but as inductees of the Hall of Fame they will not be forgotten.

4-H today still proudly celebrates over 100 years of developing our nation's leaders and looks forward to another century of providing even greater service to our country's most valuable natural resource - our young people. To learn more about 4-H and what has been accomplished over the past 100 plus years, visit the National 4-H Hall of Fame web site.  To learn more about Georgia 4-H History, please visit the History site on the Georgia 4-H home page at www.georgia4h.org. This site contains a short biography on the inductees that represent Georgia 4-H with links to their personal space in the National 4-H Hall of Fame. Feel free to browse and look at the Georgia Representatives and the rest of the members of the National 4-H Hall of Fame.


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