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Trainings and Certifications

Georgia 4-H offers training for volunteers and staff in a variety of areas to better support 4-H'ers, staff and communities in making the best better. The following programs are not only educational opportunities but also meet the coaching requirement for competition.

The Georgia 4-H Risk Management Training is required for all volunteers supervising youth. View the training, Georgia 4-H: Working with Youth...Managing Risks Training, print a copy of your final results posting your score of 100%, sign and date the page and submit to your local county Extension Office.

Leadership Trainings include:

Sept. 16-18, 2016 Dec.
Cotton Boll &Consumer Judging Coaches' Certification

16th - Clayton
23rd - Tift
24th - Clarke
30th - Bulloch

Forestry Judging Coaches' Certification       X       X
Land Judging Coaches' Certification - Pilot             X - Perry  
S.A.F.E. Coaches' Certification   X X   X      
Poultry Judging Coaches' Certification       X   X- Perry    
Wildlife Judging Coaches' Certification       X       X

All certication trainings will take place at Rock Eagle 4-H Center unless otherwise noted above. Preregistration is required and space is limited for all sessions.

Contact your local County Extension Office to find out how you can secure a space in one of these certification trainings.

Coaching Requirement for Competition:
In all cases, coaches (both paid staff and volunteer) are required to complete training in order for the county to field a team for competition. Each counties' Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging, Forestry Field Day, Poultry Judging, and Wildlife Judging is required to be coached by a certified coach. Land Judging will be required to have a certified coach by August 1, 2018. Coaches may enlist additional leaders to assist with instruction and may coach more than one county team. 4-H Coach's Certification is obtained by completing the Georgia 4-H Certified Judging Coach's training for the specific event.

Each S.A.F.E. team in each discipline (archery, pistol, rifle, and shotgun) is required to be coached by a certified paid staff or volunteer coach. If a meeting, practice or S.A.F.E. event is held a certified coach in that discipline is required to be in attendance along with screened volunteers for assistance. Certification is obtained by completing the Georgia 4-H Certified S.A.F.E. Coach's Training in that discipline.

Updated: 8/10/2016

The University of Georgia and Ft. Valley State University, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and counties of the state cooperating. The Cooperative Extension Service offers educational programs, assistance and materials to all people without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex or disability. An equal opportunity/affirmative action organization committed to a diverse work force.